Application of vibration motor in concrete industries

Vibration motors are widely used in hydropower construction, thermal power generation, construction, building materials, chemical industry, mining, coal, metallurgy, light industry and other industries. In hydropower construction, vibration motors are mainly used in vibration screens, vibration feeders and other equipment to remove impurities such as soil and silt in the water, thereby ensuring the normal operation of hydropower stations. In thermal power generation, vibration motors are mainly used in conveying equipment, screening equipment and other equipment to improve production efficiency, upgrade equipment performance and reduce component loss. In the construction and building materials industries, vibration motors are also very important equipment, mainly used in concrete products, cement products, stone processing and other fields. In chemical industry, mining, coal, metallurgy, light industry and other industries, vibration motors can be used in material transportation, screening, vibration and other fields to improve production efficiency and product quality. In short, vibration motors have a wide range of applications and play an important role in many industries. This time we will focus on the application of vibration motors in the concrete industry.

Vibration motors are indispensable key equipment in commercial concrete mixing plant production line. Aggregates of different specifications mixed together after roller drying and heating are separated again according to particle size so as to carry out accurate measurement and grading before mixing. Vibration motor is responsible for the measurement and gradation determination before mixing concrete, which is directly related to the quality of asphalt concrete preparation. The reliability of the vibration motor ensures accurate weighing and grading after screening, as well as the quality and high efficiency of asphalt mixture preparation.
Auxiliary stirring

Vibration motor is widely used in concrete batching and compaction of construction engineering and machinery. Mixers and silos are usually equipped with vibration motors which are used to prevent and eliminate the blocking phenomenon of the lifting and bunching of the material silos in the silos, tanks, chutes and tubular channels, so that the powder attached to the surface of the machine can be removed clean. It can also be used as a vibrator to prevent adhesion in the process of vibration transportation of loose materials in the metallurgy, mineral, chemical, casting and building construction industries. The whole machine has full sealing and high strength performance, and convenient disassembly and maintenance.

The vibration platform uses the vibration motor to move, and the vibration motor is used to select the synchronous direction in groups to drive the vibration participating part of the whole equipment to vibrate up and down, reduce the air and small gaps left in the material, and improve the strength and stiffness of the cement concrete prefabricated parts.
In cement brick making machine, vibration motor is used for vibration and compaction of mixed bricks to improve the density and hardness of bricks. Can also improve the production efficiency and production quality of the whole cement brick machine, reduce energy consumption and labor costs, is an indispensable important component.
3. In the vibrating concrete mold, the vibration motor drives the high-frequency vibration of the mold to make the concrete evenly distributed in the mold, effectively eliminate bubbles, improve the compactness and strength of the brick, prevent the appearance of pores and cracks in the brick, shorten the curing time of the brick, and reduce the production cost. It is one of the key equipment to ensure the quality and production efficiency of the brick.
The application of vibration motor in laser leveling machine is mainly to help realize the vibration and leveling of concrete. Vibration motor generates high frequency vibration to drive the whole vibration plate to vibrate the concrete, so that the concrete becomes more dense and uniform, reduce the porosity and defects in the concrete. At the same time, the vibration motor can also assist the laser levelling machine to smooth the concrete, to ensure that the concrete surface flatness meets the specified standards. Vibration motor has strong control ability and adaptability, can adjust vibration frequency and vibration amplitude according to different concrete products and engineering requirements, in order to achieve the best vibration and leveling effect. It can also help the laser leveling machine detect the height and flatness of the concrete surface faster and more accurately in the construction process, and improve the construction efficiency and quality. Therefore, vibration motor can improve the construction efficiency and quality, reduce the construction cost, is one of the modern construction industry indispensable important equipment.

Post time: Apr-24-2023