What do you know about vibration motor?

Vibration motor is a vibration source integrated with power source and vibration source.It’s to install a set of adjustable eccentric block at each end of the rotor shaft, the centrifugal force generated by the high speed rotation of the shaft and the eccentric block is used to obtain the exciting force. Vibration motor vibration frequency range is large, high utilization rate of exciting force, low energy consumption, low noise and long service life.

What do you know about vibration motor

Vibration motor is the general excitation source of all kinds of vibration machinery, It has the advantages of light weight, small size, convenient adjustment of vibration force, high insulation level and protection level, and good synchronization effect shared by multiple sets. Special design series can also meet the requirements of water, corrosion and acid and alkali resistance. It can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, electric power, building materials, chemical industry, casting, light industry food, medicine, grain, cement, port, railway, dust removal, painting, PCB electroplating and other industries. For all kinds of vibration screen, vibration feeder, vibration polish processor, vibration table and silo arch breaking, blocking device vibration machinery as vibration source.

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1,Excitation force and power match properly, high vibration force, light body weight, small volume, low mechanical noise.

⒉ Has a stable amplitude because the vibration motor is a strong resistance type vibration rather than resonance.

3,Has a large vibration frequency range. The vibration frequency of electromagnetic shaker is fixed, generally equal to the power step rate. But the vibration frequency of vibration motor can be adjusted in a wide range by adjusting the speed, and can arbitrary choose vibration frequency and amplitude according to different routes.

4,The influence of the power supply fluctuation is small, Electromagnetic shaker will cause a large change in excitation force due to voltage change, but the change in vibration motors is very small.

5, Multi-unit combination can realize self-synchronization to complete different process requirements.

6,The direction of exciting force can be changed according to the installation mode of vibration motor.

7,The exciting force and amplitude can be stepless adjusted only by adjusting the angle of the eccentric block.

8, Maintenance is simple, because vibration motor isn’t used spring like the electromagnetic type, Therefore, such as clearance adjustment, weight adjustment and other maintenance work can be exempted, only bearings need regular maintenance

9,Complete models, can meet all kinds of vibration machinery work needs.

Each end of the vibration motor has a fixed eccentric block and an adjustable eccentric block, The exciting force can be changed by adjusting the Angle between the adjustable eccentric block and the fixed eccentric block. Special attention should be paid to the adjustment of vibration force, the adjustable eccentric block on both ends of the shaft of the vibration motor should be adjusted to the same Angle in the same direction. Otherwise, the vibration machine will produce huge cross-direction exciting force, damaging the vibration machinery of the motor.

Post time: Mar-14-2023