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Product Parameters

In the realm of industrial vibration equipment, the Standard Type AC Single Phase 2/4 Poles Vibration Motor stands as a stalwart example of reliable and versatile machinery. Engineered to harness the power of alternating current, this motor is designed with meticulous attention to detail, offering a robust solution for various applications. This comprehensive product introduction delves into the key features, specifications, and applications of the Standard Type AC Single Phase 2/4 Poles Vibration Motor.
Design and Construction:
The motor's design is centered around the efficient utilization of alternating current, with options for single-phase voltage, including 110V and 220V, providing flexibility for diverse industrial setups. Additionally, the Standard Type AC Single Phase 2/4 Poles Vibration Motor supports custom voltage configurations, showcasing its adaptability to specific requirements.
The standard type AC vibration motor boasts an adjustable vibration force, a pivotal feature catering to the nuanced needs of different industrial processes. The force can be finely tuned, ranging from 30KG to an impressive 400 KG, allowing for precise control over vibration intensity.
Configuration and Speed:
AC three-phase vibration motors are classified into 2 and 4 poles based on speed considerations. This categorization is crucial for optimizing performance in various industrial scenarios. The 2-pole and 4-pole motors offer distinct advantages, allowing users to choose the configuration that aligns with their specific operational requirements.
Frequency Selection:
Adapting to the global diversity in power supply standards, the Standard Type AC Single Phase 2/4 Poles Vibration Motor supports both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies. This feature ensures compatibility with a wide range of industrial environments, making it a versatile choice for businesses operating in different regions.
The applications of the Standard Type AC Single Phase 2/4 Poles Vibration Motor are vast and varied, spanning across industries where controlled vibration is essential. Some notable applications include:
Material Handling: In conveyor systems and vibrating feeders, the motor ensures efficient material transfer and distribution.
Screening and Sorting: Used in vibrating screens for precise separation and sorting of materials based on size and composition.
Compaction: Ideal for compacting processes in construction and manufacturing, where uniform density is important.
Feeding and Dosage: Employed in systems requiring controlled dosage or feeding of materials in pharmaceutical, food processing, and chemical industries.
Industrial Sieving: Applied in sieving operations to achieve particle size distribution in various materials.
Foundry and Mining: Utilized in foundry and mining equipment for efficient separation and transport of minerals and metals.
Customization Options:
Acknowledging the diverse needs of industries, the Standard Type AC Single Phase 2/4 Poles Vibration Motor embraces custom voltage configurations. This feature allows businesses to tailor the motor to their specific power supply requirements, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems.
Reliability and Durability:
Built with a focus on longevity, the motor incorporates robust materials and precision engineering, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding industrial environments. The motor's durability is a testament to its suitability for continuous operation, downtime and maintenance costs.
Compliance and Quality Assurance:
The Standard Type AC Single Phase 2/4 Poles Vibration Motor complies with industry standards and undergoes rigorous quality assurance processes. This commitment to quality ensures that the motor meets or exceeds performance expectations, providing customers with a dependable and trustworthy solution.
In conclusion, the Standard Type AC Single Phase 2/4 Poles Vibration Motor emerges as a cornerstone in the realm of industrial vibration equipment. Its design, versatility, and customizable features make it a reliable choice for applications spanning multiple industries. Whether in material handling, screening, compaction, or other processes requiring controlled vibration, this Standard Type AC Single Phase 2/4 Poles Vibration Motor stands as a testament to precision engineering and adaptability in the dynamic landscape of industrial machinery.

Single Phase 2Poles 3000/3600rpm  50/60hz

Wm(kgcm) Model Centrifugal Force(Kg) Weight(Kg) lnput Power(kW) Nominal Current A max Cable Gland Capacitor
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz-
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz
Metric 50Hz
1.3 1.0 PT-MVE60/3M-10 PT-MVE60/36M-10 66 71 4 0.08 0.09 0.43 1.03 M16 4 6
2.0 1.3 PT-MVE100/3M-10 PT-MVE100/36M-10 98 95 5 0.1 0.11 0.54 1.3 M16 4 6
3.7 2.6 PT-MVE200/3M-20 PT-MVE200/36M-20 187 189 7 0.18 0.21 1.14 2.62 M20 8 6
3.7 2.6 PT-MVE200/3M-23 PT-MVE200/36M-23 187 189 7 0.18 0.21 1.14 2.62 M20 8 6
6.4 4.5 PT-MVE300/3M-30 PT-MVE300/36M-30 321 323 13 0.27 0.28 1.58 3.43 M20 10 15
6.6 4.7 PT-MVE400/3M-30 PT-MVE400/36M-30 400 403 13 0.3 0.32 1.68 1.76 M20 10 15

Single Phase 4Poles 1500/1800rpm  50/60hz

Modelnumber Force Power
Kg kN
PT-MVE40/15M-10 32 0.3 0.03 0.27 4.6 10
Model A B ΦG C M D E F H I L N Holes Size
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz-
PT-MVE60/3M-10 PT-MVE60/36M-10 213 45 130 135 11 50 96 107 85 4 10
PT-MVE100/3M-10 PT-MVE100/36M-10 213 45 130 135 11 50 96 107 85 4 210
PT-MVE200/3M-20 PT-MVE200/36M-20 62-74 106 9 233 54 131 154 15 65 125 120 112 4 20
PT-MVE200/3M-23 PT-MVE200/36M-23 217 50 165 141 25 82 116 160 120 4 23
PT-MVE300/3M-30 PT-MVE300/36M-30 250 45 155 173 19 79 150 160 132 4 30
PT-MVE400/3M-30 PT-MVE400/36M-30 276 58 155 173 19 79 142 160 132 4 30

Seiko manufacturing · highlighting quality

  • Adjustable Eccentric Block

    Putian vibration motor adopts eccentric block adjustabledesign, the vibration force can be adjusted by adjustingthe angle of the eccentricity block to meet various vibration requirements.

    Fully enclosed design

    The casing of this vibration motor series is made of thickenedmaterial, integrated die-casting, strong and vibration resistant;The edge of the end cover is equipped with sealing groove ando sealing ring, fully closed structure design, dust-proofand moisture-proof function.

  • Brand Bearing

    Putian vibration motors select brand bearing,high precision. Low noise, wear resistance.Have alonger service life.

  • High Precision Rotor Design and Machining

    Rotor adopts MOTORSOLVE design and processing,advanced casting aluminum technology, high precisionCrvC machining, higher precision, stronger wear resistance, more stable operation.

  • Stator all copper coil

    Putian vibration motor adopts pure copperenameled wire, all copper coil, stator is insulated to Fgrade by special vacuum dipping process.

  • High Quality Resin Adhesive Junction Box

    Thick binding post, anti-oxidation and anti-rust coatingconnecting plate, high quality resin adhesive junctionbox, with strong waterproof and insulation safetyperformance.


AC vibration motor is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, electric power, construction, chemical, medical, casting, food, powder spraying equipment, screening powder, food machinery and so on. Suitable for vibrating screen, feeding, conveying, electroplating equipment, fireworks machinery, food machinery, feed machinery and other industrial vibration machinery equipment.

  • Concrete Vibrator
  • Density Sieve
  • Dewatering Screen
  • Feeder Machine
  • Fluid-Bed
  • Spin Vibrating Screen
Vibration motors can be installed in any position, provided that the installation surface is smooth and free of defects. High-resistance screws and nuts should be used to secure the vibration motor to the structure.


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